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COLORful Wildflowers | Colorado

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so…get on your way!” – Dr.Seuss.

TRAVEL LOG: Clinton Gulch Reservoir, near Copper Mountain in White River National Forest, Colorado, July 2011

FIELD NOTES: Clinton Gulch Trailhead is located about 7 miles off I-70 on State Hwy 91 near Copper Mountain/Leadville, CO. It’s an easy trail, although my kids weren’t much into going all the way around the lake…so we went maybe a 1/4 of the way around. {sigh.} This trail combines spectacular wildflowers with a mountain view. You may want to check out nearby Mayflower Gulch (6.1 miles off I-70 on Hwy 91). None of the trailheads are marked from the highway, you have to pull in to find out which trailhead you are at.

Best viewing of wildflowers in Colorado is mid-June through late July. As always, be prepared for the ever-changing Colorado weather. We were blessed with a beautiful puffy-cloud day, but we could have just as easily got rained on!

More photos after the jump…

We took US Hwy 24 back through Minturn to get to I-70 to head home. We came across this little lake/park on the highway. My 4-year-old only wanted to play in a lake. And if the 4-year-old ain’t happy…nobody is happy! Luckily we found this lake!

What remains of an old mining town outside of Minturn. Can you say “Super Fund Site”? Turns out (yeah, we Googled it) this old mining town was in use as late as the 80s but has been cleaned up and is slated to be turned into a ski resort…because Colorado doesn’t have enough of those.

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