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Four Things I am Doing This Holiday Season…

I am a list-kind-of-person. I make lists for everything and I have lists everywhere. Lists my purse, my day-timer, the kitchen counter, stuck to the fridge…I am a planner at heart. So, it would make sense that I would have compiled a  Travel (See & DO) Bucket List.

My goal this season is to cross at least 4 items off my list…because a “list person”, finds satisfaction in crossing things off their list! Two rules: Keep it simple and stick close to home. I am hoping to create memories for me and my family this holiday season.

1. Winter Sleigh Ride. I have wanted to do this for years. I don’t know, it just looks fun. I am sure I am romantizing it in my head. (I also have an over-active imagination.) I want to go here: Aspen Lodge at Estes Park, CO

Photo by Aspen Lodge at Estes Park

I could possibly cross off my list “skating on a frozen pond (again)” at The Aspen Lodge too. I might get a two-for-one in Estes Park! We have skated on the frozen lake in Keystone, CO about 4 years ago, but I was a terrible skater then; I would like to try it again. I am much better today.

2. Feed Reindeer. I think I can actually do this in a few weeks. Alex has her first solo skating exhibition in Longmont, CO. The town celebrates Longmont Lights with free ice skating, a skate show, holiday lights parade, carolers, trolley rides, Santa, free hot cocoa and…Reindeer!

3. Drink Frozen Hot Chocolate. Sounds strange but I saw an episode on the Travel Channel (back when they actually aired travel shows instead of food shows like, “Man vs Food”). Serendipity 3 in New York City was featured for their frozen hot chocolate. I just have to try it, but I can’t fly to NYC. I have an idea of where we are going in Colorado but I am keeping that a secret, for now.

4. Enjoy The Sound of Silence. I am praying for a snow day so that I can take my camera outside, by myself, and just enjoy the blanket of fresh snow. Aaaahhh.

So, what’s on your list to see and do this holiday season?

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