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Great Pizza | Denver Highlands, CO

We went to Pasquini’s for lunch today. This was our first visit to this little pizzeria in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood. The Highlands neighborhood is made up of trendy shops, unpretentious restaurants and martini bars nestled along side bungalow-style homes. This newest “it” neighborhood, just northwest of Lower Downtown Denver, has gone from shabby to chic in the past few year.

Upon arriving the waitress presents the girls with pizza dough to keep them from whining. Why don’t all restaurants do this because it worked famously! Not once did the kids interrupt the adults as we debated the phenomenon that is Tim Tebow.

First up, an appetizer of buttery cheese sticks with marinara sauce. This little appetizer had my daughter licking the plate. You think I am kidding, but I am not.

The girls ordered “make your own pizza” and it was truly that. The waitress brought out a small pan that had the dough rolled out, but the girls got to load it up with sauce, cheese and their choice of toppings. She then whisked it off to be baked. My youngest daughter ordered the kid’s spaghetti and proved marina sauce does look good all over your face.

I had a veggie calzone that was HUGE. I know what I am having for lunch tomorrow. Hubby had the homemade spaghetti and meatballs. The meatballs were so good he asked for an extra side of them!

photo taken with my phone – playing with the dough
photo taken with my phone – making her pizza with cheese & black olives

If you’re in Denver may I suggest trying out this cute hide-away. They have 6 locations. The prices are reasonable and the food and services was awesome!

Pasquini's Highlands location -

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