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Argo Gold Mine | Idaho Springs, CO

gold mines in coloradoWith my nieces and nephew in town this week I thought it would be fun to take them up to Argo Gold Mine in Idaho Springs to pan for gold and a tour.

Sadly, this is my first bad review of a travel destination.

From a kids perspective: “It was kind of cool. The video was sooooo boring.” From an adults perspective (the one paying): it was over-priced. $8 for kids 6-12; $16 for adults 13 and older; kids under 6 free but they don’t receive a bag of dirt to pan for gold.

argo gold mine$64 (1 actual adult, 2 13-year-old adults, 2 kids & 1 free kid) for a lame 10 minute poorly documented movie, a self-guided tour and a few slivers of gold. It’s not the worst place I have ever wasted my money on, but still it was disappointing. On the upside, I did get some great photos, but I didn’t have to pay for the tour to take those pictures.

Now, for the good review portion of this post:

waterfallFrom the Mine we drove up the road towards Mt. Evans. We played in this amazing waterfall. I got some stunning photos. The kids loved this (and it’s free) except Little Miss Fun Sucker (a.k.a. my 10-year-old daughter). That is my sweet little nickname for her when she starts with her I-hate-the-mountains-whining. She lives in one of the most beautiful states in the country and she hates the mountains. What is wrong with this girl?

Apparently, Mountain Lions and Bears. That is what is wrong with her. She has an irrational fear that one will jump out from behind a tree and drag her off into the woods. Geeze kid.

idaho springs cemeteryLeave it to Little Miss Fun Sucker to L-O-V-E my next suggestion…Idaho Springs Cemetery. This place (like most cemeteries) is full of really old tombstones dating back to at least 1864. She had the most fun here. In fact, she wants me to take her to another cemetery tomorrow. I spent a lot of time in a certain cemetery during my art school days for either drawing or photography projects; and I love them too. But, she is 10! Who knew she would love running around looking at the dates on tombstones?

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