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Rainbow Lakes, Nederland, Colorado

Finally, I got out-of-town and into the mountains I love! This past weekend was possibly the last chance to see the Aspens in all their glory of gold and orange. Taking the advice of a friend we headed up Hwy 119 from Boulder to Nederland, Colorado.

iPhone photosOn the way, we stopped at Boulder Falls. The falls are a short hike from the highway but could be slippery, so watch your step.

lake reflectionsRainbow Lakes is located in the Glacier Travel Zone in Indian Peaks Wilderness of Rosevelt National Forest.

The Details:
Round Trip: 1.9 miles moderate hike (However, if you are not used to hiking at this altitude, be sure you are physically fit to attempt it.)
Elevation: Start at 10,010 feet, gain +270 feet
Pets: Dogs are allowed on leash
Related Trails: Sourdough Trail at Brainard Lake, Long Lake-Jean Lunning Loop Trail and Lost Lake
Camping: Campground June 1 through Sept. 15 with permit

roadThe road to Rainbow Lakes is washboard gravel. A high profile vehicle is recommended although we drove up in a mini van without a problem. We just had to go slow in some places.

hiking in coloradoHiking through heavy spruce and some Aspen. I was really proud of my 5 and 10-year-old. The hike stepper than they are used to. But they were little troopers. And the reward was the lake and skipping rocks!

hiking trails

Rainbow Lakes is a series of nine connected lakes and beaver ponds that lie beneath the Continental Divide. Note: The main trail does not reach every lake, although well-defined trails and a good map will help you explore the area.

Above is the first of the lakes…looking more like a pond, with the Continental Divide as a backdrop. (.35 miles from trailhead, 10,202 feet elevation)

aspen treesAbove is the second lake (.6 miles from trailhead, 10,230 feet elevation). The trail continues past a marshy meadow. The girls were done with the nature time at this point, so we didn’t continue up the trail.

Coming back down Hwy. 119 there are plenty of Aspen photo opportunities:

autumn colors

Aspen grove. Even though my lens hood is showing in this photo, I love the color!

autumn color in colorado

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