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Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

How about a little tour of the area where I grew up? As I said in the last post, I took my daughters back home for a trip down memory lane, although I think they started tuning my mother and I out by day two of the trip. We entertained ourselves more than we entertained the girls.

Lake of the ozarks

I grew up on the West side or the “quiet side” of the Lake of the Ozarks. It’s where the locals live, work and raise kids. The East side of the lake is where the action is, and the tourism. Osage Beach is the place to be for most people visiting the Lake. The above photo was taken in Gravois Mills, the West side.

Lake of the ozarks

My 9-year-old loves this lake life.

Lake of the ozarks

What? My teen kind of smiling?

Think about this: “The lake has a surface area of 54,000 acres, 1,150 miles of shoreline, and the main channel of the Osage Arm stretches 92 miles from end to end. The total drainage area is over 14,000 square miles.” (Wikipedia)

Lake of the ozarks

Nothing beats a Colorado sunset, but this is pretty too. 😉

Versailles, mo

This is the court-house in town. I just love these old small town buildings. Don’t you?

Jacobs cave

Let’s play tourist…We headed to Jacob’s Cave. This cave is on the West side. There is another cave called Bridal Cave on the East side. I have toured both, more than once, and without a doubt, Jacob’s is best. It’s still growing and floods every time it rains, including the night before we toured the cave. There were even small tadpoles that were washed into the cave, swimming in the small stream and pools!

Jacobs cave

“Jacob’s Cave is famous for it’s depth illusion, reflective pools, ceiling sponge-work, prehistoric bones (mastodon, bear and peccary), and the world’s largest geode. On the mile-long tour, you will see every type of cave formation imaginable, from millions of “soda straws” and massive stalactites and columns, to delicate helectites. Evidence of six ice ages and three earthquakes can be seen in the cave. The temperature remains a constant 53 degrees inside the cave.” (Jacob’s Cave)


Jacob’s Cave also hosts Missouri’s largest swap meet three times a year. Besides being a great place to people watch, you can get your chickens, doves, pigeons, bunnies, puppies, goats, and just about any other small farm animal…if you so desire.

Jacobs swap meet

Jacobs swap meet

Jacobs swap meet

And then there are vendors selling everything under the sun. We were on the search for the most unusual item and I think we found it in a bottle canteen with a cow hide/hoof cover.

Jacobs swap meet

Hey kids! This is what phones used to look like before they became cameras and fit is your back pocket:

Vintage phone

Lake of the ozarks

The view above Bagnell Dam.

Lake of the ozarks

Lake of the ozarks

Other adventures at Lake of the Ozarks:

  • Ha Ha Tonka State Park
  • Part Cove
  • Big Surf Waterpark
  • Timber Falls indoor water park
  • Zip Lines and mini golf
  • Wineries and golf
  • Brumley Bridges

Next…adventures on the Jolly Roger and treasure hunting on the Lake. Stay tuned.


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