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Silverthorne, Colorado

If you are a lover of this season called autumn, then viewing the changing of the Aspens in Colorado is one for the bucket list.

Every year we choose a scenic drive in the Rocky Mountains and just drive. However, this year we booked a stay in one of Wildernest’s vacation properties. And I got a high-five from my teenager upon seeing the condo, well, you know I chose well.

As we drove up the Mountain from Denver it started to snow. Flurries really but still, I was a bit giddy. I was imagining the golden Aspens against the brilliant white of snow.


First snow

Upon checking in we were welcomed by a big moose who walked across the road right in front of our car. And by walked I mean moseyed like he always crosses the road right there and we were in his way.

Here’s a quick tour of the condo because it was fabulous:




Now, for the Aspens! Salt Lick Trail is just a short drive from the condo. Upon arriving at the trailhead we noticed a Moose alert posting. Basically it stated what to do if you run into a moose. Hint: you don’t try to pet it…you back away slowly.


We spotted a grove of Aspen painted orange just off the gravel path and couldn’t resist. The Aspen were calling our names.



Just as we told the girls not to run ahead of us, they came running back saying they saw a moose! Not fully believing the girls we snuck up the grove, and spotted a massive moose. (I wish I had my telephoto lens instead of the 55mm.) To see these majestic creatures in the wild…blessed. There are only around 1,000 moose in Colorado, so it was a lucky day, or should I say, weekend.


Oh, and posing in the Aspen always makes for a beautiful photo backdrop.



I can’t get enough of the high country views:

imageimageimageimageI could get used to waking to those views everyday.

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