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Guffey Gorge, Colorado #funhike

Recently, we spent a little time around Colorado Springs and Guffey, Colorado.

We were in search of Guffey Gorge, aka Paradise Cove. My teenager has on her bucket list to cliff jump…so this is why we are here.

Let’s start with a warning:

In recent years there has been a ban on alcohol, as well. Too many people getting drunk and getting hurt on the steep climb. Don’t be that guy. Be safe when hiking in the high country.

The hike down to the entrance gate is a bit steep but not hard. Just watch your step. Once you enter the gate with the warning sign, you hike through a beautiful little valley.

Crossing a little bridge, we spotted this guy in the creek below. He was as big as our hand!

Guffey Gorge is a short .8 mile hike, one way. Elevation: 8090 ft.

The trek down to the gorge is steep and slippery. I don’t have pictures because I watching my step. Once down, though…

We determined that the water level was too low for jumping. Plus, the water was ice cold! So cold it hurt, even though the kids braved inching their way in.

It was worth the hike. We were lucky that we went early in the morning. We had the place to ourselves. As we were leaving, the hikers started filing in.

There is a $6 per vehicle day hike fee, payable at the trailhead. Bring a lunch and enjoy the beauty, even if the water level is too low for jumping.

Link: Guffey Gorge

Eat here: Costello Street Coffee House and Restaurant 


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